How to Brighten Up a Room When Trying to Sell a House

Do you plan to sell your precious home? Make sure you’ve brightened up your home, before presenting it to the buyers. Presenting your home to buyers can be an exciting process, but it’s not without its challenges. 

One of the most important aspects for selling a house is making sure that everything about you and your space shows in top condition before showing up on prospective clients’ radar. 

From lighting fixtures all across our ceilings-to fresh paint jobs inside & out – there are many ways we moms have found success when trying new techniques at brightening homes by using natural light as much as possible (and even turning off electronics). Here are a few tips to brighten up a room before selling. 

1. Change the Light Bulbs 

Before showing your home to the buyers, the first thing you have to do is replace your lightbulbs. Good lighting makes your home more pleasing. Avoid using the bulbs that give off a yellow, dark tint which makes your rooms dim. Use the dark bulbs with white LED light bulbs to brighten up a room. In addition, change the exterior lighting as well. 

2. Use Mirrors 

Mirrors are one of the effective ways to brighten up your home. They help to make your room seem larger and more spacious. If you place the large mirror in a room that will reflect natural light into it. Keep in mind, don’t overdo it. Placing too many mirrors may make your home seem like a playhouse. 

3. Painting the Walls 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your darkroom. The ideal color for your house wall is white. It is universally a great choice for gloomy and small areas that need some light. Your room light reflects on white which makes your room more apparent. If you go with different colors like light blue or light yellow, you can paint your ceiling white. 

4. Clean the Windows 

The next best way to brighten up a room and enhance your home’s natural light is by cleaning the windows of your home. It will let as much sunlight as possible enter the room. Use paper towels or window cleaning products to clean your interior and exterior windows. The water and vinegar solution works well. 

5. Add a Bright Carpet 

Adding a bright carpet to the home is the easy and best solution. Adding a light rug on the floor is an effective way to brighten a room. By this, you will add a little texture to your space as well. For dark floors, ivory and white is a fine choice that expands the area visually. 

6. Install a Glass Front Door 

If your home has a solid front door, your home will not get enough light. Replace it with a glass door to get maximum light penetration. If you want privacy, you can go with glass or multiple planes at the top of the door. 

7. Declutter and Reorganize Furniture 

Decluttering and reorganizing furniture may go a long way in brightening up your space. If you have more stuff inside your home, the room will appear small. You should remove all furniture. After decluttering and depersonalizing the furniture, ensure to leave a few light-colored pieces of furniture so that your room will stage appropriately. 


When you plan to sell your house on the market, you should enhance it. Brightening up your home may help to improve the value of your property. A bright and clean home will attract more potential buyers.